A Cowboy Belongs to the country

How the journey began

Frank Huffman is a singer-songwriter and indie country music artist from Lexington, MO and is currently based in Independence, MO.

Huffman's musical influences include country legends like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and George Strait, among others. He is also influenced by classic rock music from Journey, The Eagles, among others.

Huffman’s creative journey started when he was very young. He used a sketch pad and canvas to draw and paint the world around him. Drawing and painting opened up new channels of creativity. This creativity helped later in life as he started songwriting. Huffman uses creativity as a motivational force as a songwriter. He believes that the world around him is full of amazing and detailed images that have a story that needs to be told. Sometimes these images have faces and a story behind the face. ‘A Cowboy Belongs To The Country’ (2021) is Huffman's debut country single. Themes for the single revolve around where the character in the song is challenged at this point in his life and where he feels he needs to be. Deep down his country, cowboy roots are calling him home.Creating this single was exciting and challenging as well. The pandemic created challenges during the recording process as Huffman's home studio and producer's studio in Nashville, TN, became centerpiece for bringing everything together. Crystal O’Connor, producer, and her team, helped to bring this release together from the first recording session all the way to the mastering session. 

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